BestYiJo 1 Set Tripod Grill Stove, Fire Pit Grill Adjustable Campfire Grill Furnace Hanging Furnace for Camping Outdoor, Steel BBQ Camping Accessories



  • Durable and high quality material: Our barbecue grills are coated with 350°C+ paint and are capable of long term use. Made of high quality alloy steel, it can be loaded up to 25kg. The fire pit can hold up to 30 kg and the fire net can hold up to 15 kg for long term use in camping barbecue life.
  • Cooks food evenly: The tripod provides an even surface over the fire, helping to ensure even cooking of food. The grill triangle provides a mixing surface away from the burning embers on the grill. It can be easily used even by outdoor beginners by readjusting the legs to change the clearance.
  • Easy to carry and store: The tripod is removable and contains mainly vertical legs with chains and grills. Easier to carry and store while camping than a tabletop stove.
  • Great for outdoor camping: Cooking tripods are a popular fire cooking device. A tripod is better than a dining table because it is compact and provides longer clearance (no more than 3.5″) over the fire pit.
  • Makes cooking easy: The grill provides a uniform cooking grid, so it’s easier to cook food while stirring the pot, which is very convenient.