Mesquite Wood Cowboy Spatula. Handmade in Texas. Made in USA. Safe for nonstick, and cast iron cookware. Choose an Engraving! (Come and Take It - Cannon)



  • Handmade spatula made from Texas mesquite wood. Minimalist design. This mesquite wood spatula is safe to use on your pots and pans. Tried and true, these Texas Mesquite wood spatulas are a great companion to your cast iron skillets and all your pots and pans – even those non-stick surfaces, too. It’s also the perfect partner for your next trip as it takes up less space than a metal spatula! This wooden cooking tool is one that you will pass down through your family for generations to come. Everyone should own a piece of Texas! The listing price is for one spatula. Mesquite wood is one of the hardest woods around (more than twice as hard as walnut!) and it will make quick work of any stubborn bits stuck to your pan. Yet, it still isn’t hard enough to damage you delicate cookware. Thank you!

    Perfect for cookware that is: Cast iron, Enameled, Steel, Non-stick

    Made from Mesquite wood native to Texas, these hand-made spatulas will be sure to brighten up your next cooking adventure either in the kitchen or your next camping trip.

  • Finished with Coconut Oil 100% Pure Coconut Derived Oil.
  • Size (may vary slightly): 11 inches long 3 inches at the widest 1/4 of an inch thick
  • Everyone should own a piece of Texas! Collect all the versions!