Solo Stove Bonfire Cast Iron Wok Cooking Bundle 2.0 | Portable Smokeless Fire Pit, Stand, Woktop & Hub, Wood Burning, Removable Ash Pan, Stainless Steel/Cast Iron, H:24.75in x Dia.: 18.75in, 43.2lbs



  • OPEN FIRE GRILL ON THE GO: Gather around the fire with familiy and friends and enjoy stir fry, vegetables and other food with short cooking time. Bonfire Cast Iron Wok Cooking Bundle comes with everything you need to have a perfect BBQ with 360° access to cooking coals and sizzling snacks.
  • LESS SMOKE, MORE FLAME: The camping stove features our Signature 360° Airflow and double wall design with bottom vent holes for oxygen to feed the fire from below, creating a burst of hot air over the fire and reducing the smoke without the use of batteries and fans in your fireplaces. Enjoy a fire without the post-fire smell in your hair and clothes. Our new, removable ash pan rests under the base plate, catching all the fine ash in one place.
  • THE MAGIC OF CAST IRON: It heats up gradually and evenly, then transfers heat steadily to maintain perfect cooking temperatures with a single layer of burning embers. The longevity of cast iron is legendary and owed to its ability to season. Non-stick and polymerized, a seasoned Cast Iron Grill is easy to clean for life-long use.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL HUB: Affixed with three stabilizing feet, Cast Iron Grill joins with Hub by clever design and unshakable balance. Easily stoke and refuel without disturbing your recipes, through Hub’s three broad windows. Cleverly designed with portability in mind, everything from packing to assembly is effortless.
  • PRODUCT SPECS: Bundle includes Bonfire Fire Pit, Stand, Wok made from Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Hub. Combined weight: 43.2lbs, Cooking surface diameter: 17.5in, Fire Pit Diameter: 18.75in, Combined height: 24.75in. Hub offers Cast Iron Wok a precise 8” lift for the above the super-hot cooking coals. Fuel: Use Lump kiln-dried chunk wood to light up your fire pit.