TACAMO Emergency Fire Making Kit, 15-Piece Waterproof Fire Starter Survival Tool Kit with Ferro Rod, Carbon-Steel Striker, Magnifying Lens, Char Cloth, and Tinder for Survival, Camping, Hunting



  • Be Ready for Anything – TACAMO emergency fire kit has all the essentials you need to help you build a fire and more when you’re out camping or find yourself in an emergency, including fire starter tools, tinder, and 5 feet of Survivor Cord.
  • Heavy-Duty Functionality – The fire starter too   ls and tinder come in a stainless-steel kit stored in a waterproof canvas fire kit pouch that you can integrate into your pack. It also has extra room for you to add more items and make it truly your own.
  • Get It Blazing – You’ll get the ultimate fire starter survival tools with a 5X folding magnifying glass and 10X Fresnel wallet lens to build fire on sunny days. The Ferro-rod and carbon-steel striker will start a fire even in the rain and wind.
  • The Only Fire Starter Kit You’ll Need – Our fire starter survival kit is packed full of tinder. You’ll get 4+ fatwood blocks, 2 waxed jute rope sticks, a bag of waxed wood chips that ignite fast, a folded char cloth, and a char cloth tin to make more.
  • More Than Just a Fire Kit – With a durable multipurpose canvas bag, 5 feet of Survivor Cord attached to the striker, and a stainless-steel kit for cooking, it can do more than just fire-starting. Feel confident and prepared in the great outdoors.